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Singapore has a robust and diversified supply of water known as the “Four National Taps”. Our Singapore water supply comprises

Imported Water
Desalinated Water
Water From Local Catchment
Water Filters

Best Water Filters

Different types of water filters are found in many homes. There must be reasons why many of us choose to drink filtered water. Some are skeptical on the benefits of using water filters. Why spend time, money and the hassle of installing the water filters? Singapore water is indeed safe for drinking directly from the tap without any further water filtration. However, this clean water flows through water tanks and water pipes, collecting rust and contaminants, before it reaches us.

There are benefits of drinking filtered water with alkaline. It reduces our tooth aches and save our tooth from being extracted. We believe that the water filters will benefit you and your loved ones too.

Singapore drinking water quality is well within the Singapore Environment Public Health (Water Suitable for Drinking) (No. 2) Regulations 2019 and World Heath Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking – water quality. Compliments to PUB for some of our write-ups, video and images used.

Cheap and Good Water Filters

Water is vital to good health. Our human body cannot live without water for more than few days.  Without access to clean water, our health is compromised. Clean or filtered water is a great way to get our six to eight glasses a day of healthy,  contaminate-free water. We provide cheap and good quality water filters for your health benefits.